Karl Williams

Hello, and thanks so much for dropping by. I’ve been a Graphic Designer now for almost 30 years. Back then there was no such thing as a desktop pc or software as there is today. It was mostly artistic flair, Letraset and pasted photocopied images. My first introduction to a computer keyboard came in 1988, just after the first letter cutting machines were introduced here from the states. The machine was a Graphix 4B made by Gerber Scientific Products. They had no monitor, were very slow but very accurate. This was the start of a massive shift in the production of signage around the globe. I loved the little gem. Since then, software and technology has advanced tremendously and almost anything is possible. Now, I just love designing, learning and looking everyday at all the creativity around us. I look at to my job with both young and old eyes. This gives me the dedicated and disciplined approach at the same time as keeping a sense of humour. After all, if you can’t smile doing the job you do, what’s the point? I love it.

Gerber Graphix 4B

This small machine was rock solid. Even at over 30 years old they’re still used today.


I’m proud to say I know how to use most software packages availble today for Signs, Print & Web.


Knowing the software’s one thing. Knowing the hardware it drives it is another. 

What are the benefit's of using me?

Many Graphic Designers only know how to design. Many know how to use the hardware it drives. But most of the time there’s also a large majority who design but don’t have the experience of operating the hardware and setting the artwork up correctly for output on many different pieces of machinery. I have operated and maintained many industrial machines and know exactly how they work and how to get the best results possible. Knowing both sides of the industry is a major plus and I can guarantee when you use my services the job will get done right every time, on time.